No naps

My 2.5 month old daughter has been taking 10 min naps maybe twice or three times during the day. It makes her extra cranky at night and fall asleep solidly through the night anywhere from 4-7 hours.
I am not so sure it is normal since the doc said she is suppose to be sleeping at least 16 hours a day... When I calculate it up she sleeps a bit more than half of that.

Has this happened to any of your young babies?

    Yep, my daughter went through the cat nap phase. Try to keep her awake and alert with a bright room for a few hours then make it dark near nap time and quiet to help her learn when nap time is. Takes time but I hope that helps.
      Yep. try and keep her awake, go for walks, find something to keep her busy for longer.
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