Post Delivery..

Mamas.. post delivery, was it hard to take things slow? For me it kind of was.. I instantly wanted to clean, organize and do a million things because my bump was gone and I finally had some energy at home.. but I would love to remind you to take it easssssy - really, seriously.. there is plenty of time for house chores, cleaning, cooking, laundry.. just relax, sleep.. you need it!

    Andrew is wasn't. I felt like crap! LOL. Eva wasn't too bad neither was Adrianna. But with Grace my hubby was seriously considering tying me down to the chair so I would sit still.
      Melissa Middleton
      It was winter time and I had to have a cesarean. So, I was in bed a lot from being sore to being too cold. But, I did get up and walk around and clean. I dislike a messy house. It drives me bonkers, even though, sometimes, I need to let it stay messy while I tend to other things.
        No I was sore and very swollen and it hurt to move. It was so nice having my mom around to help out! Within a few weeks once the swelling went down then I was busy doing things!
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