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Well I'm now 37wk 3days and my little guy is BREECH sadly. My last appointment I was 3.5cm dilated si my doc scheduled my csection for next week and im terrified since this is my first surgery ever. Any tips or advice on recovery, breastfeeding afterwards, and anything that is helpful? Thanks

    I had a c-section with my son...the best advice I can give is to make sure that you take it as easy as possible that first 6 weeks. I made the mistake of trying to do too much too fast and it took me longer to heal. It is major surgery even though it is common. And don't refuse the pain pills, especially while you are in the hospital.
      If you have a belly band wear it after the baby is born. IF you don't hvae one go get one. It will help support everything. Wear yoga pants or loos fitting pants. When you are home make sure you are proped up in bed or you can roll to get out you wont be able to sit up like you use to not for a week or two. It took me about 2.5 weeks after I got home (I was in the hospital for 5 days after my C-section BUT I had some complications) to be able to get out of bed by myself. ALWAYS ALWAYS ask for help. If you dont have them already go get some big long absorbent pads. I thikn I got the always ones that were either green or orange... not sure... get quite a few it will be like having your period for a few weeks and you can not use a tampon!! ASK FOR HELP with anything picking up the baby walking to the bathroom cooking, cleaning bottles, pump parts ect. Get some Lanolin nipple cream its in a purple tube in the baby botttle isle. Your nipples will be sore. For me Nursing hurt A LOT I couldn't do it I did it for two weeks and I decided I was done. My son is 100% healthy and in the upper 90% for height, length and head circumference, remember if you are not comfortable babies is not comfortable. If nursing is not for you that is okay you don't have to nurse. Formula is just fine. If you need help with nursing get all the help you can in the hospital if it hurts then its not working right and babies latch is wrong. For me before you surgery they gave me this lil cup of some super nasty stuff that was super gross. It is to calm your stomach and make the acid go away. Not sure why its important but I threw it all right before I got on the operating table. Also they will strap your arms down I'm sure. This is just to be sure you dont move your arms where they should not be. If you ahve any question ask them there is never a dumb question.

      I kept our son in his pack and play right next to our bed so I could reach him or because it was so much easier I kept him on the bed with me. I watched a lot of TV since I couldn't go anywhere or do anything.

      enjoy your baby take lots of pictures cause in a single week they will change so fast.

      Always ask for help. Dont stress about anything. Sleep when baby sleeps, Love your baby. Pictures, Let daddy hold the baby ;)

      Also when you can keep up posted on how your doing let us know if you need more tips or to vent or cry. you will be on a emotional roller coaster Its okay to cry for no reason.

      Good luck Momma. Dont worry and remember to ask questions :)
        Take your meds. Keep your incision clean and follow all of your doctor's instructions. If they use staples to close you up, make sure they are removed in a timely manner (mine were not and I got an infection. It doesn't hurt that bad to have them taken out, but it's definitely uncomfortable when they are cold).

        Here's a little foresight into what you may experience: They will strap your arms down and numb you from your neck down. They will most likely give you an oxygen mask as well. They will also put up a curtain so you cannot see what they are doing. You will feel pressure, but no pain. They may push really hard on your stomach to push him closer to the incision, if necessary. When they did it to me, it knocked the air out of me! When they pull the baby out, you will probably get to see him briefly before they take him away to be cleaned up and weighed and measured. While your baby is gone, they will close up your incision, unstrap you, and move you onto a bed. They will record more information and you will get to rest for a bit before they bring your son in to you to bond and nurse. And then they will let you have visitors, if you permit it. They will probably keep you hospitalized for a couple of days before releasing you.
          @AlyssaMunoz That's great on the experiance. Nailed it to a T :) Thanks
          If you get over whelmed with visiters ask the nurses if they have a code word and they will indirectly let everyone know that you are going to rest now or you are going to feed the baby and need some privacy. My code words were "Can I have some juice please" and the nurse would go get me some juice and come back and then ask everyone to leave. I was in the hopsital for 5 days and we have visitors everyday almost all day even when I was in labor I had visitors. That's when I didnt want visitors.
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