It's so not easy...

As much as I know that because I am pregnant my belly is going to get bigger it still is not easy to watch. I had always struggled with my weight and a few years before I had Tristen I lost 70 lbs. I gained a lot of weight with him because of issues that the doctor left untreated and then even more weight when I went on birth control. I was only off birth control for a month before I got pregnant again so there wasn't much time to get rid of the extra weight. Now everytime I step on that scale my heart drops...I worry I won't be able to get rid of the weight once this baby is born...I seriously dislike being heavy...

    I managed to stay in the same weight for four weeks now and my belly has been growing I lost weight and my baby compensates for the weight lost I beem drinking lots of milk and staying away from greasy foods u should try eating more vegetables and water stay away from greasy foods and sodas too good luck
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