hospital costs for a baby

We had a very good health insurance, and it took care of my childbirth cost. ​ But if you have to pay your own bills, the hospital will be the most expensive option. In Minnesota it will cost about $9,000 without:

*additional anesthesia services charge for all cesarean and most vaginal births in hospitals
• additional newborn care charge for all births in hospitals

• additional maternity provider charge for all births.

The least expensive option is go to have your baby in a birth center- $2000-3000 for natural birth.

Hold on, it's only if you have no complications. If something goes wrong and you need to have a c-section-now you have to pay $15,000-20,000.

Even if you have an insurance,many factors can drive the post-insurance price of having a baby significantly up: a premature baby who must spend weeks in an intensive care unit, getting labor inducing drugs, etc.

Moms Expertise
    With my first two children we had great insurance them my husbands work switched insurance and we had like 5,000 out of pocket... CRAZY! But as you said it could have been more!
      8Theresa Gould
      I'm grateful for my midwife. Our last three only cost $1500. My hospital births were reasonable too because of the good insurance my husband had.
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