Nap time???

How do you do nap time?

Do you make it dark turn on music and lay them down awake and close the door and let them fall asleep on their own???

Do you rock them to sleep? Bottle?

Normally I rock Owen to sleep but lately he has been fighting naps and acting like he is not tired but I know he is. And his "Nap schedule" is all off. Normally hes up around 8 naps 10-11:30 and then second nap around 3-4:30... but lately his been not wanting a nap in the morning and taking a nap around 5-6:30... We want him tired around 8 or 9 so he will go to bed at night...

So today I put him in his crib with his giraffe closed the shades, music on, fan on, closed the door and just going to let him "figure it out"
Its been a 1/2 hour and hes still awake 45 min later and hes sleeping after crying kicking, and fake coughing. No I did not go in there at all. He is sleeping on his own but is there anything I can do to make this easier or to get him to fall asleep faster???


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