Sorry I haven't been on much

Can I get any more busy lately. Had a Neurologist appointment with Ashley on Friday. They want Ashley to get a follow up MRI done to see how everything is with her brain. Her therpist canceled on Friday so she reschulded for this past Tuesday. Than today, Ashley had a doctors appointment. She says Ashley has a mild ear infection. Gave me some medicane to clear it up before we get her hearing tested again. Some how Ashley lost 3 - 4 pounds within 6 months or so. We had her in the er couple of months back and she was 25 pounds and now she is 21.8 pounds and has grown an inch really in 6 months. Back on Pediasure we go again. Have to get that through WIC when we go next month. Hope that works.

Than her doctor wants to get Ashley's hearing tested again (idea from her case worker from Early Steps) to see if that is good or not. Might get that done the same day we go back for the MRI results in December.

Than have the therpist coming tomorrow which is our normal day but just earlier in the day. YAY for me. Than on top of it all my SO wants to night fishing tomorrow night with someone he has been hanging out with that lives in the same trailer park as us. He wants to leave about 5:30 tomorrow night for he can still have some sun light to catch bait. Not sure how long they are going to be out for but you have to be kidding me. He is going to do it if I want him too or not. But whatever. It gives me a chance to sleep in the bed by myself for a change without getting the blanket hijacked or pretty much kicked out of the bed period.

How all of you ladies are doing good and enjoy the rest of your week.

    Melissa Middleton
    I hope all goes well with her appts. The poor dear, I feel so sorry for her. I'll keep her in my prayers. I have just been busy cleaning, organizing, cooking, baking, and decorating the house. My son has a weekly therapist as well.
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