Bitter Sweet..

My kids went to texas this week for Thanksgiving to spend it with their dad and his family... I love a few days "off"... Every 6​-8 weeks I get a free weekend, but to have five days with NO body to worry about but me...??

SOunds awesome right?? It was.. in a way... Every day at 4 I was ready for them to return.. A lot of my friends were out of town this week, so I had a LOT of time.. alone.. which was nice, don't get me wrong, but man... you do not realize how much just their presence is missed until it's gone...

I miss them.. I'm ready for them to come home and they come back tomorrow... I feel refreshed and renewed and more appreciative of having them than ever before.. Of course this will last 3 days until I'm looking on the calendar for my next break.

    Aww, hon. Glad you got your break and can look at your babies with a new, refreshed light. I'm sure homecoming will be sweet for all involved.
      8Theresa Gould
      Glad your weekend went well and you got to be refreshed and renewed. Enjoy their homecoming!
        Thank you ladies... My favorite moment is when they get off the plane and run to me... Like in the movies.. slow mo... LOL... Well, they're big now so they knock me over and of course I cry.. I'm so grateful to have a good relationship with their dad and know that they have a BLAST with his family, but I want my babies BACK!!!!! :)

        Thanks for kind words!!!
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