Decided NOT to get a dog... for now...

I grew up with dogs.. I had one all through college until my son was 1 year and we had to put hime down... (14 year old lab)... I can't WAIT for another.. I love my dogs.. and am excited to have one.. BUT.. it's just me and the kids and we don't have a yard and I knew it would be too much having to take the dog out and dragging kids alone, etc... SO, I waited and waited and now that my kids are older (6 and 9).. I started to feel like I could do it and it would be good for them...

BUT THEN!!!! I offered to dog sit for two friends this week... for some extra money and they trust me, etc.. So, twice a day I would go and walk the dogs, play and feed them and then come back.. fine, right???

Then it rained.. and I had forgotten the maintenance ne‚Äčeded for the dogs.. The paw wiping and wet fur and SMELL!! and then the bags for poop...

SO.. needless to say... I'm over it.. and my initial promise to wait for a yard stays... PLUS.. I took one of the dogs in for a regular check-up and it was $120 for shots and check up.. NO CAN DO...

I love dogs.. I can't wait to get a chocolate Lab... but I want to make sure I do it right and can afford to care for him if he gets' sick...

Lesson learned.. LOL

    I know what you mean we have 2 Chihuahuas and 2 cats. I wanted a big dog and a friend of mine took in her mothers yellow lab so I told her I'd take it and tell the kids we were dog sitting it just in case it didn't work out needless to say it didn't. She was a great puppy but a big one and still in puppy mode wanting to bit while she was playing and jumping on the kids. She was just to much for our family right now. My little dogs are easy to take care of no maintance. But I love my cats they are great animals to have while you have kids. You don't have to take them on walks or out in the yard to play or use the bathroom. Personally if I were you I'd start with a cat. See how the kids do with it as far as helping out and loving on it and all that.
      Hahaha. Glad you figured it out before you had one of your own! Sounds like the 'give the baby back to the parents' sort of thing, lol!
        8Theresa Gould
        Well, at least you got to try it before you made a decision to buy.
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