I am looking for any advice here. I won't go into the situation too far, but how do you deal with jealousy and distance in a way that is productive to marriage?

When you have a disagreement on world views that affects your every day life, how much give is too much- to the point of doormat, and where is a 'responsible' level of boundaries? ​

    8Theresa Gould
    I'm not sure we have enough information to really give sound advice (that's stated as a disclaimer not to urge you to say more), however, based on what you've said, I believe there's a healthy kind of jealousy that stems from wanting to protect your marriage. Yet too much jealousy can be detrimental to a marriage just as the green eyed monster of envy to any type of relationship.

    Distance as in miles? That can take it's toll but I believe couples have made it work. I think it takes extra effort and care to stay close.

    Distance as in emotions? Not sure you can force anyone to be close if they are holding back. All we can do is love the person and encourage communication by sharing and talking ourselves.

    A disagreement on world views with a marriage partner? I think this should have been discovered before the marriage took place, if it didn't, then agree to disagree for the health of the marriage or come to some middle ground where both people can be happy. I don't think being a doormat is acceptable, but then again I didn't marry a man who is domineering, if that's the case, so I don't know if standing up to the spouse would help or hinder.

    Take this with a grain of salt.
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        I agree with both Maura and Theresa! Fundamental differences can be very hard to get past and often are "deal breakers" but if you can agree to disagree then you could make it work, unless it's on something like having children or other things that you BOTH would need to commit to. Don't compromise yourself for someone else, if its a relationship with someone who loves you, you shouldn't have to do that.
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