Baby or infant seats, when is the time to change to a bigger carseat.

Have not had a little guy for years, and the examples around me concern me deeply. All of my husbands family leave their babies in this infant carrier for hours or even all night. A family get together they sit there in the infant seat for hours upon hours. And even after a year or more old they are still carrying them around in this infant carrier. Crazy of me but this concerns me as a mother, My car seat was left in my car with my guys when they were really litlle

    Melissa Middleton
    I changed my son into a bigger carseat when the carrier's straps began to go below his shoulder blades (he was about 7.5 months). He is still rear-facing but he is taken out of it when we enter a store or stop for a rest. I would leave him in his carrier, sometimes, when we got home and he was still asleep, but this was when he needed a lot of naps--maybe up to three or four months old. However, he was only in their for about thirty minutes.
    If the child is too big for the carrier, it is time to change seats.
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