Is it bad that....

Is it bad that I haven't gotten my 3month old son on a sleep routine yet? He doesn't sleep through the nights , but wants to nap at 6pm which means he will not sleep when he usually goes to sleep which is around 9:30 10:00pm. I try to keep him up till 9 pm and I usually feed him before bed, and he sleeps till 12am or 1am so just depends. But I haven't had time to get him on a sleep routine. its hard ,Im working again and hours aren't consentient? Will not having a sleep routine at 3months old cause a problem for his sleeping later on?

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    he is starting to develop his own routine, even though its almost every 3 or 4 hours. its better than when he was 2months old. He goes to bed at 10pm then he will wake up at 12 or 1am , then around 3 or 4 then 6 or 7 then he will stay up.
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