its not fair

​it sucks im at the age where i want to become a mom because i dont want to be an old mom i want to enjoy it when i have theses people tell me there pregant i brake down and cry or if i watch a movie where someone is having a baby i sit there and wonder when will it be my turn i would have been a mom if the baby didnt stop growing feeling left out

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    I completely understand. When my husband and I decided we wanted kids I got off the depo shot and was trying for a few months and my best friend( who already had 2 kids) got pregnant, my sister in law who was 17 got pregnant and my brother got his 14 year old girlfriend pregnant. It was really hard for me and I held it together until I finally got pregnant and had a miscarriage then I just lost it. But it eventually happened and now we have 2 beautiful daughter ages 3 and 4.
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