Apps and Teens

i have a friend who is going through dealing with her teenager being horribly bullied, and my sister whose preteen got scared because somebody asked for pictures that are not right. All from the same app.. Make sure your kids don't have the Kik app, it's a chat group, not monitored. Predators can get on and it is used to relentless bullying.

    I'm glad you won't use it, Alyssa.
    LOL I just got back off a 'dumb phone'... I don't know how much longer they will be around though. My friends' daughter pays for hers herself (there's rules in place for useage, just not sure what..) my neice just uses the wifi on an android my sister doesn't use anymore.
      I think anything newer than 2002 has E911.. Which means they can locate in an emergency.
        I think they all have it now. The smart phones at least, you can choose whether you have location on (pinpoints all the time) or just E911, which works as long as the phone is on.
        I know from experience with the non smart phones, the E911 only works if the phone is being used.
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