Fiancé left pregnant at 7 months:(( long story!

i was with my ex for 6yrs, we have two kids together.One baby girl on the way, this pregancy was planned by the both of us,he even mussed work to find out the gender. He was a very loving father and very supportive best friend to me. We planned on getting married after the baby was born and buying a house. But all these plans got ruined! Six weeks ago he rode his motorcycle to houston to visit his father. The next day he never came home! I called everyone looking for him. Turns out he was in the hospital in ICU. He had a fractured skull, a lil bleeding in the brain and some broken ribs. When he woke up he didnt remember his name, his birthday,or his age. Finally when he came home, he told everyone that he was at a strip club. I got mad and told him to leave to his mothers i was angry and needed space. Well when i called to ask him to come home. He said no, that he was different now and changed. Hes been gone for 6weeks now. And this is so over whelming fir me. We lost our house everything, he seems so selfish now after hitting his head. I dont understand how one day he can just stop loving me. He tells me to leave him alone and not call. He does nit want to be there for the birth. Gets mad when i ask him for something for the kids. Says i am only trying to use him. Sorry if i wrote alot i just have so much on my mind. I want to enjoy my pregnancy but this makes it hard!

    Melissa Middleton
    Wow, that is horrible, Xenia. He has no idea what he is missing and will be missing. It's awful what happened to him but he is not being responsible and needs to take care of you all.
    he went with a neurologist, and he said they told him he is fine now. But I dont think he is, I have suggested to him to go see someone for his change. But he refuses, tells me no. Idk if anyone else notices how different he is. If they dont idk how that's possible because its obvious. I dont think he's ever coming back. He tells me he lives me but only because I am the mother of his children.
      wow im truly sorry for what happened to u and ur ex .... do u think that maybe he feels guilty for going to the strip club and getting beat up or had an need to relax and take it easy I know its tough at the moment but he will recuperate and be himself again just give him time I know its not easy but u will succeed and be a strong loving mother to ur children amd to ur upcoming new baby hang in there
      Oh my !!! He's not fit to be raising his children
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