MEG! I Tried Pure Barre

UMMMM OUCH! I tried the Pure Barre class yesterday at the studio that just opened up by me. It was tough! and today I am soo sore! But a good sore the kind that tells you, you got a good workout. I loved it! I told my husband I wanted classes for my birthday on the 10th.​

    Eeeee, Leah! My heart jumped when I saw your post!

    I am doing a happy dance over here.. perhaps I have a new BARRE BUDDY :)

    Isn't it amazing and completely butt kicking all at once? Did you shake at the barre? Were you wondering how your legs could feel completely out of control? Could you walk down steps this am? ha! I remember my first class I almost DIED when they said.. "almost done with the warm up.." hahaha! It's the type of class that is SO addicting because you just want to become better at it.. it never gets easier, you just get better and push yourself more! I also remembering loving it so much because I wanted to go back daily and get better at the TECHNIQUE! Now I feel like I can do class with my eyes closed.. but a year and half later soooo in love with it!

    So glad you had a great PB experience, girlfriend!!
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