Any Advice?

Hi Lovely Ladies!
My son is almost one and although I'm not too worried since I know he will do things in his own time I am trying very hard to get him interested in table foods and picking things up and eating them to no avail.
He is doing really well with eating lumpy baby food and will eat his 3 meals a day, but I have tried feeding him lots of different snacks he can pick up and he just drops them on the floor. I have tried feeding him what we're eating by mashing it up a bit but he won't eat that either. Just wants baby food.
How do I get him to take that next step? I'm running out of ideas.

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    My son does that
      Melissa Middleton
      What about mixing some of the table food with some of his purees? I did that with Jonah for a while and he stopped wanting the purees and wanted table food instead.
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