ok moms

Has anyone had the problem of trying to eat and got out of breath trying to chew? Or is it just me

    You could be getting a lot of air in your tummy while you are eating. Slow down, take your time and enjoy your meal. That should help. OR it could just mean you are full... Remember if since you are growing a baby in there as that baby grows it pushes everything around and can push on your organs making them "smaller" so you may not have the room to eat like you use to. I know I didn't have the room. I know baby is little but just something to watch for. Still make sure your eating enough during the day and all that but it might help to snack and not have huge meals. But for sure slow down when you eat...
      I have a stuffy noes bad but I heard that's normal idk I guess I'm a worry wart cuz of all ive been through
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