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Lately the reason why I haven't been on her for a long time, because I been busy working on my new class and looking for work.. My mother has been a pain with all the drama is going on since her ex fiance was doing a very hurtful and painful situation. I pass my Psychology with a "B" and now in my Humanity Class passing it with an A+ ... but now I have to look for a new place, because the neighbor are starting to complain about my daughter crying and arguing, but now they want to threaten us with an eviction notice. So now the State of California step in, because my fiance is disable and my mother is mental and physical disable. So we going to have a talk with the manager and the land lord, because this manager is playing games and moving people in apartment with drugs problems. Plus she not fixing our place, then going to ignore my place from getting fix and inspection. This is not the first time, somebody complain about her is the third time. So this whole month I been dealing with cops and social worker, because they saying I am beating my child. I am having a tough two months with these people and manager.

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Hello Mother's, I am a mother of 1 child. Starting up my dream career of a fashion designer and working up doing more to help my community and the children.