Grounding your child

Usually my son stays on the house premises for a specific length of time-generally a few hours and lose all social privileges except for food, education and church.

During these couple of hours he should be thinking about he didn't use his freedom responsibly, and what was wrong with his behavior.

for example, it's time to do his homework, and he is in his room. I came in to check his homework, but he is playing on his i-pad. So, the i-pad is taken away for one additional evening.

I'm trying to show my kindness and love every single moment, but he has to follow the rules and obey his parents. It works for us.

How about you, moms?

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    Mine are a little young to be grounded but we do take away privileges. Seems to work most the time.
      Sabrina Abbott
      My son isn't much of a social bug anyway, unless he's at school. So grounding him is always a detailed agenda. It's more like, "You and the Wii are grounded from each other" or "The bike is grounded because your want for that outweighed the brief need to do what I asked"

      I refuse to feel bad. LOL Besides, he lets me know if he's taking it wrong.

      Once in a great while he'll accuse me of not loving him, hahaha, his attempt to get out of trouble (which he forgot doesn't work) ... so when he does that, at that point, all bids are off. No grounding, no ungrounding; standstill moment for hugs, kisses, words of affirmation, and then the big BUT :-)

      Yeah, grounding. I don't know the first thing about that, but I will say you shouldn't feel bad when you're being stern. That's one of the greatest loves we have for our kids.
      Sabrina Abbott
      Use love and hugs bring them back to following through with your rule. :-) For anyone who hasn't done it yet, just a forewarning: the first time you do this, your child will experience a strange sort of emotional healing and humbling. They will appear to cry sincerely a bit more than usual. That's where they need to be for refocusing on the task at hand.

      And dropping the punishment mid-discipline is OKAY, just be clear with them that you're dropping the punishment and why. "Just because I love you and I think you've had about all you can handle" is a perfect reason.

      My son NEVER accuses me of punishing him for enjoyment. But he knows his responsibility in our relationship.
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