My daughter's breast tissue started getting tender today

my 10 year old daughter Meghan got her first sign of early hormones and signs of puberty. I remember I had just gotten done putting my make up on when Meghan came in, i picked her up and gave her a hug, when she said "Mama put me down!". I quickly put her down and she said "Mama my breast tissue hurts" and I said "well honey it is probably early signs of puberty" and then Meghan said something unexpected and comical, she said "Damn my puberty is starting already, it's really not fair boys don't get this there lucky!" I laughed so hard, then I asked Meghan "would you like to get a training bra", Meghan replied my friends' have training bras, but that is because they have more breast tissue than me, I really don't have mush breast tissue yet, so no I don't want a training bra. That was ok with me, but as we were talking Meghan had told me that her best friend Maria came up to her and said " no offense, but your flat!". I told Meghan " well, your a late bloomer, and more than likely you will always be at least 2 years behind the other girls in your class, and that's ok.
I guess this is just the beginning of the start of hormones and puberty for Meghan.

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