How is everyone doing?

I've been busy keeping up with my toddler! Thankfully my mom @Mary comes over to play with my daughter so I can get the dishes and house work done. When my daughter is distracted I can do a lot real fast. If you need house work done get a friend/family to help distract your child for a half hour.
How about Halloween, my daughter had some fun on her first 'trick or treat' outing. We went out around 6 because we were waiting on her daddy to finish working.
Here's a few pictures of us on our adventure!

How is everyone doing?How is everyone doing?How is everyone doing?How is everyone doing?How is everyone doing?
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    I had fun chasing her and running around the store today, she's got me tired out. How do you manage with 6! You must be super mom!
    Did Mark go trick or treating? If so, what did he dress up as?
    Well that's okay, sounds like he had a fun day at church though.
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