ok so I dont have anyone to vent to. If you dont want to hear vent then ignore. Really used to being ignored......sigh.... so here I have 3 brothers 1 older 2 younger..... so I found out in may I was going to be a aunt in july that is 2 MONTHS before the baby was born then he was born. The parents I am . Sorry to say should never shoukd have been parents.... my brother who is the third born ( I am second) is 27 going on 14. They were never ready to be parents.... they knew back in oct that they were going to have a baby.... he never got a job...... ok so baby is 3 months old now and he Still doesnt have a job. They wont let the baby sleep during the day because Her mom said he wont sleep at night...( this is been since since baby was born) errrrr then I found out My older brother had a baby also on the same day I found out..... no one told me......I am only girl.... my mom paid for my older bros wedding I never even got a rehearsal dinner for mine.... my mother doesnt even interact with my son..... she just sits on her bum when she comes over... she doesnt take pi tures of him at all untill I have to say something... she said she feels weird taking pics of her grandson....errrr Then there is my husbabd mom who only had 1 child.... she takes a ton of pics of my son..... so going back to her son( my hubby) for 35 years my husband has to have a pic with santa.... every year... my husband is 35 ...... the first year we were married she still had to have pic with santa I WAS NOT INCLUDED!!!! Also when I was prego was not included....we had a party tonight and she wanted pics of her boys ( kids she babysat, her son and grandson.... and frie d of the babysat kids... all inteens or oldee except my son who is 2) I was not included again.... so to sum it up both my mother and husband mom are the all about THEIR Boys screw the daughter or daughter in law...errr sorry ladies... you can ignore now...sigh

    good morning Marcie, I am so sorry people have to be so belittling of another. I guess the only question is how long can you except these people treating you in this manner ,
    because I think that you are very strong. I am a attention freak when it comes to my husband and we had problems because he was a mommy's boy. She served him hand and foot daily, Ito remind him sometimes that he has two hands and two feet to go get it himself. Granted I enjoy my roll as a woman but at times when one is a bit busy gosh he can get himself a soda from the fridge or a put a noodle cup in the microwave. we fought a lot but finally with love and talking through understanding of how he made me feel I believe helped. So I feel perhaps if you really love him then take him alone as a couple and talk seriously with him. My husband tells me that family is family but what we do as a couple is our business and between us. If that grandma doesn't want anything to do with that beautiful baby well then I would start doing things with my baby and myself for us and just don't worry about them that is your beautiful baby . I am not saying to be mean but start doing your own thing and be just as nice as you can . They will come around soon. And Marcie I have always been here just look for me , I am a good listener because family problems believe I have them too everyday with his family they do not like me for nothing.
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