Ear piercings

I am taking Sofia to her her ears pierced in the day she turns 3 months old!! My doctor cleared her to do it at 2 months after her vaccines but the place we want to go to won't unless she is 3 months! So November 6th we will be taking her to get them done!

I can't wait! How old was your daughter when you took her to get her ears pierced

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      I have many allergies to metal, so none of the girls will have the option until they are old enough to take care of their ears themselves and know the problem... Hubby also has ketones, which means his scar tissue regrows itself...which could be problematic in ear piercings.. So we're hoping none of the kids got that from daddy, but aren't sure.
        I'm licensed to do them myself, so my daughter had them done by the time she was 2 months old :)
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