Halloween Update

Hey dolls,
I just wanted see how everyone's Halloween went. We didn't do too much this year with the costumes. But I do have to admit I was a little late on getting the costumes and that was only because my husband and I were still trying to come to some agreement on if we should celebrate it this year. My husband has never celebrate Halloween due to religious reasons so he wasn't feeling too comfortable with the kids getting into the spirit of Halloween. And I respect that but I wanted the kids to have a little fun with it because this was their first Halloween. So when we did finally agree to have them dress up for it, of course it ended up being at the last minute trying to find good costumes. My daughter wanted to Doctor McStuffins and I did find the costume on line for a really good price with costume and more accessories with it. But sadly it wouldn't make it in time for her to wear it for Halloween. And my son was going to be a really cute basketball player but once again the costume wouldn't make it in time for him to wear it. So I went the Navy exchange (military clothing shopping center) to see what they had left for kids costumes. I found some for my son but I didn't see any for my daughter. So she decided to be a rock-star diva so I did what any mother has done when it came to being in this situation. I put together a costume for her and I came up with the costume that was just right for her rock-star diva look. And my son wanted to be baby franky. So it all worked out just fine but next I'm going to be ready ahead of time because she still wants to be Doctor McStuffins. So that was our Halloween, now I want to hear how you all Halloween went and what cute little costumes the little ones was dressed up in.

    My daughter likes that show 'Doc Mcstuffins" she'll say Doc when it comes on. We went trick or treating this year my daughter dressed up as a princess. Do you have photos of the kids in their costumes?
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