Since when......

Since when does a couple's family planning become any one's business other than their own? I have always found it ironic when we receive comments from people we knew and complete strangers on a new pregnancy after they realize how many children we already have; and this started just after we had #3:

"Do you know what causes that?"

"Boy, you have your hands full!"

"Trying for a boy, eh?"

"Are they all yours?"

"How do you manage?"

"You must be a saint!"

"You must have the patience of Job!"

"Are you going to do something about that?"

Grandmother, mother and mil all asked if we were going to be "fixed", I think after 5, 6, 7 and 8. Mil even offered to pay for surgery for my husband! I was a little livid because as generous as it was money wise she had no place even offering because it's not her decision.

I just find it bold and even rude to a point. It's not like I go around snooping in other couple's bedrooms, you know? Because that's in essence what these people are doing, unfortunately.

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