Well ladies I think it is time to
Have a baby! I lost my bloody show all day yesterday, have been having contractions ten mins apart all night, and I have been 4-5 cm dilated for a week now! I'm not quite ready for the pain lol! I am having a home birth with my midwife god willing. Pray everything goes good! Ill keep I posted and send pics!

    Had a precious little bundle of joy yesterday at 2:20 pm 7 lbs 1 oz 18 inches. He is so perfect! Had a home birth, didn't even really think I was in active labor. I had walked around a week prior 4cm dilated and when I went to my appt yesterday at 11am while in "unknown active labor" my mw told me I was at a seven and we needed to get back to my house! My water broke at 1:45 pm and he was born at 2:20! It was a very great ending to a stressful strenuous pregnancy. We are so so blessed:)