So I found out yesterday at the docs my son has a mild case of croup. Jacob just turned a year so any mamas have any advice on how to soothe a 1 year old with croup. He hasn't been eating for the past 3 days. Just wants to nurse. I got him to eat a little last night and this morning he had some yogurt yay! Its a start. His little cough just kills me though. What have you found best works for your child and you. My little guy just wants to snuggle and be in my arms most of the day. He does play a little here and there through the day but not nearly the amount that he doesn't when he isn't sick which is understandable. I just feel bad. I hate it when my baby is sick :(

    Relax your baby. Dr. Bill's croup rule: If your baby is relaxed, her airway is also likely to relax. Pull out all the stops to comfort your baby. Sleep, in particular, is one of the best croup remedies. If you can help your baby fall asleep, the in-drawing and stridor usually decrease.
    "Steam clean" your baby's airways. Misty humidity helps croup. Take your baby in the bathroom, turn on the hot water in the shower, and sit with your baby and sing songs. This will keep inflamed vocal cords from drying out and also thin the mucus so that it doesn't plug the airways. I have also noticed that croup often improves during a car ride, with the windows open.
    Nurse more frequently. Labored breathing uses up a lot of extra energy so that baby needs more nutrients—another reason why nursing helps fight croup. The extra fluids from your breast milk also keeps the secretions in the breathing passages thin so that they can more easily be coughed out. Also, baby is less likely to get tired if you nurse your baby more frequently but for shorter amounts of time at each feeding.
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