Silly kid...

Tristen has decided that he LOVES the heater. He stands in front of it saying "hotter, hotter" he knows where the thermostat is and is constantly trying to turn it on. Someone doesn't like to be cold I guess. Lol

    LOL My kids do that too, along with taking a blanket and hogging the whole furnace vent.

    At my parent's house, the grandkids will build forts around the heaters, leaving the fan free of course. They have the sun heaters that only have one hot spot and most of the kids who are big enough to build forts, know to be careful where the blankets are, so mom and dad just let them build their forts and keep an eye on the blanket.. At least they know they stay warm. :)
      Lol we don't have vents. We have a gas heater that sits in the living room...very loud but it works. Thankfully he can't hog it. Lol
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