Water break or Urinate?? lol

Hello mommies, as some of you know I am a first time mom! Earlier I was preparing dinner when all of a sudden I felt something come down. I couldn't tell if my water broke or I had peed on myself and didn't know I had to use it. How can I tell one from the other?? It was like 2 tablespoon full of liquid lol that's the best way I can describe it.

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      My best friend just had a baby and in her 3rd trimester she couldn't tell she would be standing and next thing h knew she was went and didn't know how. Its normal to not know if u peed urself. When ur water breaks it would be like a continuous flow. My moms and my friends water broke while they were on the toilet and they couldn't get off cuz it would just not stop. So I think thats the difference
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      Hello! Im a first mom to be, I'm a expecting a baby boy in November who I call Austen Derrand.