Hi momma's need some help here. Owen is 9 1/2 months lately he has been waking up around 12:30 crying. We try and let him figure it out and go back to bed. This is not working. Tonight this started at 12:35 crying stopping sleeping for 5-10 min then up crying again. Changed came in our Bed slept played for 45 min back to his room for a bit almost asleep then crying again. It's now 2:30AM and after being changed a 8 oz bottle and sitting in the almost dark with Momma in the living room he's back to sleep. So I'm wondering what's going on with him?? Why does this keep happening? What can I do to help him sleep threw the night again? He started sleeping threw the night at 4 months. He also has started drinking 3 - 8oz bottles a day in the past few weeks. Normally he drinks 6oz. He eats all table foods. Supper by 6 bed by 9. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated

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