Being a Mom is my Vocation

I've been battling WAHM guilt every since Avery was born. I feel guilty when I have to work. I feel guilty plopping her in front of the TV or shrugging her away while I'm working. Then I feel guilty for not working enough. I feel guilty for not making enough money, for "not working as hard" as my husband or other work-outside-the-home moms, etc. Honestly, I sometimes feel guilty that I'm so happy being at home. I feel like I should want more. Like I should have some big calling like my friends have with their careers. I kept asking myself If I was lazy or just unmotivated to pursue some big career.

Then it hit me. Being a mom IS my calling. I may not get paid for it, but it's still my career. I get excited about mom things like figuring out a faster way to hang up the laundry or a new activity that Avery will love. I enjoy figuring out new recipes that are easy and healthy. How is that different then someone who gets excited about completing a merger or building the perfect spreadsheet?

I shouldn't feel bad about being happy where I am. I'm following my calling. Being a mom is my vocation the same way my friend's vocations are being a teacher or a doctor. We all get different salaries. That doesn't make one persons calling more or less valid then someone elses. My mom salary is $0. My WAHM salary is just barely enough. I'm making it work and I'm happy because I'm where I want to be.

Be gone WAHM guilt!

    Good for you, Taylor!! You are making the choice to have the best of both worlds, and noone should be making you feel bad about it-not even yourself! Don't think for one second that anybody else you know works harder than you do.....they don't have to do their jobs with a little one to care of at the same time! I am also a WAHM, and even when I wasn't making a decent salary, I knew that in time I would get there, and that I was doing it for the right reasons! I'm so happy that you have taken the initiative to do what YOU know is right for you and your baby!
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