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Don't we all have to deal with mean people in life....sometimes they marry into the family, or the have a desk next to ours at work. Sadly enough it is part of life, some people are just mean. I think it is very important to help your child learn to deal with mean kids to prepare them for the future. The best defense against mean kids is a strong sense of self and your valule and worth. If we teach our kids to know their self worth then they will know that what the mean kid is saying is not true and they will be better able to stand up for themselves. We also realize that most mean people are wounded people so helping our kids understand that it is not about them but rather about the kid being mean can also help. Great topic, looking forward to how others teach their kids to deal with mean kdis. :)​

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    Sabrina Abbott
    What a fabulous statement!! I'm going through this with my son right now.

    We had to get the school board involved for a boy in his class who likes to hiss death threats under his breath at my son and other children. It came to a point where the child became unhealthily attached to my son as "friends" and then began to try physically harming my son once he thought he had my boy's trust.

    Thank God the culprit was half my son's size; most of the kids in the central valley at his age are. So no actual harm was done, but my son was getting annoyed and I knew I had to stand up for him to the attention of the school before my son was brought over to the other little boy's "dark side".

    I just love what you wrote because it's everything I had to remind him of every single morning and every single night for two weeks. Somehow social torments can cause children to temporarily forget what they actually know best.
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