Drinking alcohol during pregnancy?

There are recently all of these headlines.. saying YES.. now you can drink!!! Now, knowing that's misleading.. and they DO say to keep in to a glass of wine every NOW AND THEN... I still when I was pregnant wouldn't touch it... I feared so greatly that something would go wrong, that I just couldn't even dare...

My Doctor.. GREAT Doctor towards the end.. like 7 ish months, noticed my blood pressure was getting higher and I wasn't sleeping well.. he actually "prescribed" a glass of red wine to me... and said that the baby was developed enough that there would be no damage to it's growing (brain develop, etc).. and also that with ONE glass, the chances of the baby getting ANY of it were slim to none.. ALSO, he stated that if it relaxed me.. that the benefit of me chilling out and maybe bringing down my BP, was a bigger benefit to the baby...

Anyone? ​

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    I WILL say that my mom drank (bourbon and scotch) throughout my pregnancy AND smoked and I was fine.. (as I twitch and grow shorter)... But she was lucky and that was the 70's...
    ALSO.. I had a friend who had a Guiness every friday and Saturday throughout her WHOLE pregnancy.. and her babies were huge and luscious... But they do say that Guiness is packed full of protein and Iron...

    Assuming no one is abusing alcohol .. then I think it's fine... But.. fine to me may not be fine to someone else.. same as "abusing"...
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      Yeah, I don't drink when I'm not pregnant. Witnessing alcoholism kind of gave me an aversion of the stuff.

      I will say EVERYTHING crosses that placenta. The studies done are amazing with all the chemicals found in a baby's body just from the environment the mother lived in while pregnant. So I think your great doctor was trying to make you feel better and this is misinformation. But he was probably right about the wine having its benefits for your BP, so when it's all said and done your health was important in keeping your baby healthy and safe. I don't doubt some of the health benefits wine may have but I still won't drink the stuff.

      My mother smoked in all four of her pregnancies but it made her sick in her pregnancy with me. I didn't like it in the womb and I still don't like it! lol! I can't honestly remember if she drank with any of us. I'd have to ask her. Probably some.

      I agree that we probably have different levels of tolerance. As with anything, moderation is key as well as doing what you think is right and comfortable for you/your baby.
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