So close to graduating with my Associates if I can survive three more LONG months! Not to mention fail more classes. To tack on more stress other than Holidays...

I have started working (few hours) a week with another Photographer. So exciting! Gaining experience with Photography as well as working my skills and sometimes magic with Photoshop. I had a few sessions recently that made me question my ability as a Photographer. Even the thought of a newborn session was making me shaky. I thought to myself. Maybe I could become the behind the scenes person editing the composites. Not long after thinking that, I got word of a position doing just that. *squeal*

So far it's been interesting working around husbands work schedule and making time for a new church we are currently attending that has turned my husband around back to the light. (another post soon) I feel like things are turning for the better. Sadly even though I am working as a side editor? Second Photographer? Assistant... I am about to tack on a full time job at a call center. Woohoo! ?! I am not sure how much more coffee my body can take.

There will always be a way. Faith for the good times and positive thinking. Lord knows I need him more than ever.

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