service men and woman or celebrates?

moms! what is your opinion on the media covering deaths of celebrates more than the men and woman fighting for our country..

as a US Marine wife and long time supporter of the military i fell as if the media ​needs to get their priorities straight.. i mean yes a death of anyone is sad.. but no one really covers the fallen service men and woman, I feel as if they are more important than anything.After all they are fighting for our freedom and our country. I mean how many men and woman have died fighting for our freedom and honoring our country? and have gone unnoticed, unappreciated. How many loved ones have been left behind to struggle, raise a family on their own, because of the sacrifices they made and now live with. what do actors do? be in movies to entertain us? but what have the fallen done for us? Protected our country so we can live how we do today. i just feel as if things are a bit backwards. but that's just my opinion

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    I 100% agree with you. We should honor our soldiers more than anyone else.
      thankyou!! im glad someone else agrees!(:
        I am also a Marine wife, and I must say I disagree (though I don't think the deaths of celebrities should be covered the way they are either...) It is done the way it is for a reason, in part due to morale, and also many families would find that very painful to see on the news. There are plenty of reasons why it is not done, ... and I won't go into many of them or say I necessarily agree with those either. In my opinion, many of the deaths were not necessary in the first place. Maybe I'm just obstinate though, lol.
        true, but im not saying cover it on the news and all that stuff. but just honor the fallen more than they are.
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