Discipline Issues

I have a four and six year old daughter whose attitudes and discipline are completely out of control. My boyfriend moved into our home about a year ago and my children refuse to listen to him and think its funny to talk back which in turn upset him a lot. My boyfriend constantly tells my four year old daughter it is her fault that we fight all the time. I have tried everything from talking to them, yelling when they dont listen, timeouts, and even taking toys away and they just don't care. It is very frustrating to have them not listen. I have them in play therapy hoping it will help but it only seems to be making their attitudes worse than ever.

    Your boyfriend shouldn't be telling them its their fault for anything, if there's a problem you gotta be firm and let them know hes the adult who's also in charge. I helped raise my niece and found a combination of the 123 method and time outs for how old they are that's the time they are in for minutes - a 4 year old gets 4 minutes in the chair then explain why they were put there ask if they understand it was wrong then hugs and kisses with an apology from them. Have your boyfriend follow through with the same method as you.
    Yea, everyone parents differently but when your trying to do it one way you want everyone on the same page so it works with the follow through.
    Yes they are!
      Your boyfriend shouldn't be telling your daughter it's her fault for anything.

      My guess is they are rebelling. They want attention and they are getting it this way. They want to make sure he doesn't have time to get your attention so they keep him busy by getting in trouble constantly. My oldest does this after 5 years when she is at my house to my husband and sometimes to the younger kids. I finally (after realizing what was actually going on) sat down and told her I wouldn't love her any less no matter what happened. That calmed it down a lot. She just wanted reassurance and my attention. I do try and give her attention one on one, but she does understand now that it's hard for me to do that.
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