2nd trimester

hopefully the second trimester goes easier than the first. was super sick and still am but hopefully it goes away and i can have some relief

    I know I am finally starting to feel a little better. When I was pregnant with my son, the second trimester was by far the easiest of all of them. I enjoyed it the most. Hopefully yours will be much better than the first :-)
      Annissia I know exactly how you feel, ive never in my life been as sick as I am with my pregnancy, my stomach is battling to get healthy with all the throwing up, Brought blood up again on Saturday, as I did when I was in the hospital, so went to the doctor, and he said my stomach is raw from all the throwing up. I feel sick 24/7. hope mine goes away at 12 weeks. nearly there, 5 more days.
        I'm 12 weeks now and I still feel no relief :"( even the zofran isn't working :'( hopefully I get some relief soon. :'(
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