Sorry about being MIA

Sorry that I have been MIA for the last couple of days. Our internet went down for a couple because we were late on the cable/internet bill. But back up now.

Had a ehh weekend. SO worked Saturday and worked 1/2 yesterday. I made some fried chicken and fried onions for dinner last night for all of us. Made enough for left over for a couple of days which won't last long in my house. Maybe another day or two. plus made a cake yesterday morning because it was finally nice enough out that I could have the house opened and use the oven without the stupid house getting hot. I was going to wash clothes on Sunday morning, but decided not too because of the rain and cloud cover so got that done this morning and they are hanging out of the line for the day.

Plus got the house picked up and vacuumed all before putting Ashley down for nap.

Between doing all of this, this morning, I am feeding Ashley extra meals during the day because she has lost some weight. She was at 25 pounds a couple of months ago and lost about 4 pounds within the last month or two maybe longer. It makes me feel like a bad mother because she is losing all this weight. I broke down this morning because her father keeps bringing it up. He left for work and I just lost it. I feel bad about it. It just breaks my heart. I just don't want anyone saying anything and then someone from the state is here checking if we have food in the house, why aren't you feeding her enough and so forth. Maybe you ladies can help me out and tell me certain things I can feed her to put some weight on her till her WIC appointment in a couple of weeks to get her pedisure. What are certain things that I can feed her to help her put some more weight on?? I am a picky eater to being with and for some meals I make 2 different meals, ones that her and her dad can eat, and ones for me.

Have a good week ladies.

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      Melissa Middleton
      Welcome back, Nikki! I am sorry you are going through so much. It appears the ladies have given you some valuable information.
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