a little frustrated

if I offend anyone, i'm sorry. My son knows the meaning of the word "no" and he usually listens to it. We were at my parents house last night, and my mom refuses to baby proof their house, even though my dad tries to. My dad will tell James "no" when he goes to reach for their plants, and my mom will just say "oh james isn't this pretty come here and see it and see how smooth the leaves are." Here we are trying to teach him not to tear apart plants and my mom just doesn't get it. I go over there and constantly am having to unplug things, put breakable things out of his reach, blow out candles that are within his reach, and my mom will just walk behind me saying he won't get into that. I'm sorry when he broke a vase two weeks ago after my mom put it back, she got mad at me for not stopping James. I'm sorry that I try making their house safe for him.

    You shouldn't have to apologize for your mother being oblivious! I would put my foot down with her, and let her know that the way YOU are raising him is the way IT WILL BE OR ELSE. She might not like it, and it will be hard to do, but it may just save your sanity...and your dad's!!!!!
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