Breanika lee

Just found out recently that as of December 16th breanika will be in mine and her fathers custody with supervised visits with her mom on our terms. I'm the kind of person that feels it's goot for kids to have both parents involved but I also see that you can't force a parent to want a child. You can't do anything if one of the parents wants nothing to do with the kid. Breanikas behavior is changing rapidly for the better, she's such a good hearted little girl. She's actually almost a normal four year old now which is a big turn around from a couple months ago.

5sarah New Bern, North Carolina
I'm so proud of her. We took her to chuckie cheese last weekend as a reward.
    Melissa Middleton
    That's great news, Sarah. Children need a positive mother figure in their life, especially little girls. We, too, recently received custody of my step-daughter a few months ago, and she has dramatically improved in many areas. There are still somethings we need to work on but she has come a long way. Continue to be a positive mother figure to her. I am so happy! :)
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