scaring children on purpose

Truly said I hate when people/parents/ other kids are trying to scare babied on purpose. ​It's not funny at all. However, some children just love to be scared. I remember a story with my nephew, when his cousin got a huge sturgeon( a fish) and while he was reading a book, she threw it on his head yelling " It's going to eat you!'' She thought it was funny, but was so scared that he couldn't sleep for 3 nights, and still little stutters now.

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    Oh wow! I think it depends on the level of scared. I think scaring them a little (hiding behind a corner and going BOO!) helps them to understand and control their fight or flight feelings. Speaking of kids being scared though, my husband's dad used to toss him up in an arc over a cliffside, then catch him. I'd be terrified as a parent, much less a kid... but hubby said he loved it!
      I think you should know your child and know what level to take it to. Some kids love it and others not so much. But you should never take it to the extreme whether your kid likes being scared or not.
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