Baby Earrings.

I've read a lot on the site lately, and though I personally would not pierce my babies ears, there seem to be a few misconceptions.

First a foremost, the first misconception was mine. I thought normal earrings were place in baby's ears and it would be a choking hazard. This is not so, because there are locking earrings for baby.

Secondly, outside of a snag, baby is unlikely to pull through their own ear. If it hurts, they will stop pulling, just like you or I would. ​A snag could always cause an issue, which is true for anyone who has earrings.

I will say though, that I have had earrings ripped from my ears on MANY occassions, yet have never ripped my earlobe. But there is still the inherent risk that this could happen.

And on the topic of infection-


Four of the five holes in my ears were done with a piercing gun, and in my first set I did get an infection when I was young.

But I say this because people who use piercing guns have had VERY little training and are not 'qualified' piercers. These guns have been outlawed in many, many states because the gun itself also harbors bacteria.

This is much diffferent from a truly professional piercing. If any of you remember your ears getting done with the gun, and the earrings they used, if you looked, it's just a sharp point. On a microscopic level that actually TEARS through the flesh rather than piercing it.

A truly professional piercing will have had all the utensils and jewelry sanitized in an autoclave and will be done by hand with a needle more akin to what is used in a hospital syringe. It is a v'shaped angled razorblade attached to a tube (it's all one piece) This actually cuts through the ear in a surgical fashion, and with all the tools being properly cleaned, will lower the risk of infection greatly and also make healing go by much more quickly.

Afterward, as long you follow proper aftercare techniques... (Anyone remember when they told us to put peroxide on our newly pierced ears? Don't. It actually is very, very bad for the flesh, especially in a new piercing) Warm water and sea salt will ward off and infection and kill an infection if present. Cotton ball soaked in this several times a day to the ear should ward away infection, and turning the earrings so they do not grow into the flesh. Plus, you don't have to worry about chemicals getting into baby's eyes.

Your decision whether or not to pierce your baby's ears, but if you do, please do it with safety and health in mind!

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    Also, if anyone would like sources for anything I said above, I would be happy to oblige. :)
      I wouldn't get my babies ears pierced and I sort of thought it to be cruel when other mother's did, but then when one of my best friends had her baby... she's Mexican, from mexico, and after getting to know her well, I realized how much it is a part of her culture and a right of passage for all the girl babies. It was also difficult for her to do it, but they celebrate it and I thought it was kind of cool.

      It's like a shot.. they won't remember it.. and I was 14 when I was allowed and my mom wanted to make sure I was old enough to take care of it and keep it from getting infected..

      Different strokes for different folks..
      "Different strokes for different folks" True that! I think it's really neat that it's a Mexican cultural thing. I did not know that.
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