How come

It's so easy for people who don't want babies to get pregnant but when you want it so badly it takes forever

5sarah New Bern, North Carolina
    It DOES seem to happen that way quite a bit, doesn't it? I know it's small consolation, but you are SO young. I am sure it will happen for you. Have you been tracking your ovulation?
    I just downloaded an app for that in fact
      Melissa Middleton
      We have been trying for four months to and had a few times before that where we were not being careful and still no baby. I am wanting another so much it hurts. I know what you are going through. To top it off, my kid sister who does not have custody of her kids and wasn't trying for more, might be pregnant with her current boyfriend. It's frustrating, I know. I have decided to try "Not, not trying" to see if I can become less stressed about TTC. I wish you luck, too, Sarah.
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