Baby's First Birthday- What to do?

​Elena just posted about this, so I thought I would share my own opinions as well.

I fully agree that baby is unlikely to remember or understand what is happening, so it seems to be more a celebration for the parents and their friends. Celebrating getting through the first year of parenthood (Accomplishment, yay!) and celebrating the growing bundle of pride and joy.

I think a simple party, themed with the colors of your choosing is a great plan, also with cake. In fact, probably two cakes. I know a lot of parents who have done this so that the adults have something to nibble on and you can still get all the cute baby pictures of baby putting his or her hands and face in their first cake. (So cute!)

I would do something with hors d'ouvres for the adults. If the adults are bringing by young children, I would also have plenty of finger foods depending on the ages of the kids- maybe goldfish and carrots.

I think a lot of things that can apply to a maternity party can apply to baby's first birthday- For example, buy a big pack of onesies and let everyone decorate according to their personality or baby's. Guess who colored which onesie.

I also completely agree that it should probably be an indoor party, preferably at home, because baby will likely want to take a nap after all the hubub of new faces and sounds and smells.

And last, but certainly not least... LOTS of pictures. And a party hat, if baby will wear it. A crochet version may be more suitable than an itchy cardboard one.

Happy birthday, babies!

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