L.A. Christmas... YUCK!

Something about unfolding your fake tree in 82 degree weather with bright sun shining on it ... that is really... well.. Depressing. LOL...

I grew up in Northern California... We never had a white Christmas, but in December it was cold and rainy usually... and the annual December 1st trip to "cut down" our tree and have hot cocoa and pick out a handmade ornament was my absolute favorite thing...

In LA.. a real tree dies within a week... the sun is shining and this week, we are having a heat wave.. NOT COMPLAINING.. I know that there are people struggling under horrible weather circumstances... I'm not whining about my life.. I'm very blessed, but turning on the AC today after breaking a major sweat pulling the tree out of the BOX... was just not cutting it...

BUT it's done!!! And Christmas has officially started.. YAY!​

    I completely understand. I'm from Ohio and its always freezing and most the time lots of snow during the holiday season. One year we went to Flordia for Christmas and it was like 75-80 degrees. It was warm enough my stepdad took us to the beach since we'd never been. I didn't like it at all and it definitely didn't feel like Christmas. I hate the snow other than it looks pretty other than that I hate everything about snow. But I guess the snow makes it or breaks it.
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