Kids are Funny

My kids are funny. Yes, this sounds like bragging and, well, it is.

1) Jonah makes the silliest faces and then laughs and smiles about it.
2) Today, he took his exersaucer, while standing, grabbed a hold of it and began swaying wildly back and forth with it.

3) Jaina and her father while doing homework:

Steven: (Giving her a hint) "You eat them."
Jaina: "Indians."
Steven: "No, you don't eat Indians."
And now she is whispering while doing her homework. He says, louder; I can't hear you. So she whispers just a little louder. I am trying my best not to laugh.

And Mr. Jonah fell asleep in his walker with a half bottle of milk still in his hand and snoring. LOL!

Kids are FunnyKids are FunnyKids are Funny
Melissa MiddletonPennington Gap, Virginia
    He's so cute and she's such a beautiful little girl. It is funny when they do that stuff!
    Melissa Middleton
    Yeah, it cracks me up. She was irritating her father but it was still funny.
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