48 hr flight

In 2 weeks we would be traveling to India and it would be total of 48 hrs before we reach our final destination. The trip includes 2 stops and 3 flights one way .

So any ideas and suggestions that would help us are more than welcome.

It would be Kiara's first flight ever. We have booked the bassinet seat for her and am planning to stick to only fluids and some dry finger food while onboard, and give her pureed food only during stops.

I hope that sounds ok :)

    I've heard that breastfeeding helps with the altitude change, you know how your ears will get clogged when the plane goes up. Purees and finger foods in between flights sound good too. I hope she takes it well, maybe a cd player with classical baby music to help keep her calm too if you can keep headphones on her.
      You need pillow!! I always use pillow during long flights
        Once I had to travel with my daughter, who was 7 months then for the very first time. The flight was not for that long but I will never forget meeting this old lady at the airport that suggested to give Chloe baby tylenol to help with her ears clogging. I was lucky that she slept throughout the whole 3 hours flight both ways after giving her the tylenol, needless to say it wasn't the most comfortable flight since I needed to go to the bathroom and couldn't since she was on me sleeping. I would also take Lindsay good advice, as far as the list of things to bring with you. Good luck, it's easier when it's both parents traveling with the kids this way you guys could take turn when one parent has to go to the bathroom.
          Thank you all for your valuable suggestion. Giving her the pacifier to suck on during landing and take off was really help full.

          Flying with kiara was quite an experience. We had booked bassinet seat for both ways and I will say that was the wisest decision on our part.

          Our flight from SJ to Tokyo was really nice, as we got an empty seat and when kiara was not sleeping in her bassinet she had her own seat to sit on and play with the cool remote ;)
          for the connecting flight from Tokyo to New Delhi , it was middle of the night in US so she slept through the flight :)

          Returning was another story all together.

          New Delhi to Tokyo was fine as we slept through it but I guess during our stay in India Kiara had a growth spurt or something but the bassinet was little too snug for her .

          This time the flight form Tokyo and ND was fully booked and we had no place to put kiara when she was up which was almost through the whole 16hr flight :( and she was so restless and cranky that me and my DH had to take turns caring her around the flight so that she won't cry.

          It was really tiring and stressful and after landing of course there was this long line for immigration.

          But overall this is what we learnt:

          1. Bassinet seat is a must if traveling with younger babies.
          2. Take their fav toys.
          3. Sucking on anything will really help with ear pain.
          4. Try to travel light ( which we couldn't )
          5. Change of cloths for the baby and you is a must, you never now when which bodily fluid will decide to leak out .
          6. Loads of patience and migraine medication if you have one like me :)
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