This Momma could really use a hug

So my best friend just informed me that she doesn't agree with how I parent. That there are things I do that she would not tolerate. She will not tell me what that stuff is. She doesn't like that we make our son sound so "perfect" that hes doing this and hes doing that but her son isn't. She thinks that I said it was silly that they are taking their son to swimming lessons. I never said that I think its great. BUT since all this is going on and she wont tell me what she doesn't like and since we have had the boys we dont really get together anymore or even talk to that matter... :( I feel like I'm loosing my best friend... Also this is making me feel like I'm a bad Momma I have been crying about this on and off all morning. What do I do? How can I fix this?

    That is good that she wouldn't parent the way you do. God gave you your son and future kids because He knew they need you to parent the way YOU do, not the way anyone else does :-) I hope you feel better!
      Melissa Middleton
      She almost sounds jealous, but I am unsure. And, you have every right to brag about your's your child. And, you are doing what you feel is best for him. Not everyone parents the same, and there are too many people out there who insist their way is the only and right way. I am sorry she upset you. Try your best to ignore her negativity. I hope you two can patch things up soon.
        all I did was put a post about how I love my son and he never makes me want to pull my hair out and I'm so greatful for him. We basicly have the same life we get to stay at home with out babies while our husbands work so hard. Apperantly she put some post about having a hard day and that her son was really pushing her buttons. She got mad about my post and I didn't even see hers. BUT she just took it all out on me and even though I told her that she hurt my feelings she still has yet to say sorry... I just don't get it...
        Oh I am glad to hear that. It is always nice to have other Mommy friends :-)
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