Desitin, balmex, butt paste....

What kind of cream do you use on your child bum? I use balmex and I use it with every diaper chance, just very light cover to prevent diaper rash!! Three months with nothing!! Go me!

What do you use on your child?
Do you out some on with every diaper change, rash or no rash?

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      We are really lucky with Tristen. He has only gotten diaper rash like twice in his life. The few times it happened I have used whatever samples of stuff I have here...I think one was butt paste.
        We use A&D. She gets diaper rash before teething and then before a cold and sometimes during a cold. It works well for us and much better than Desitin.
          We haven't had many rashes thankfully but when we did I used A&D that worked great and also breast milk on a rash by her tummy from the huggies brand that irritated her skin it cleared it up.
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